Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cleaning House

Have you ever thought about how the past may alter the future? Do you believe that stress can come from dragging all that baggage around or having too much stuff? Since October I have been trying to get back to painting regularly and one thing I have noticed is that I am being strangled by stuff and the past.

I decided to start deleting old posts here on the blog that "A" don't relate, and "B" don't provide value. This is hard for me, because blogging here has been a lot like a journal, a record of what I've been doing as an artist since I started blogging. One thing I noticed is that I am doing a lot of planning, but not a lot of doing.

As artists, we tend to be pack rats. We hold onto old art that has not, and probably, will not sell. The art isn't our best work, but we can't throw it away. Nonetheless, that "baggage" we are hanging onto, those posts that have little or no value, and the stuff cluttering our lives, our studios, our workshops, etc, etc, may be holding us back and/or causing stress.

Clean your studio, throw out old "non-selling" artwork, delete files on your computer that don't provide value or need, and if you're a blogger and have posts that no longer relate to your mission...clean it up. Make room for new ideas, and new art.


UPDATE: I deleted nearly 170 posts from the blog.