Friday, August 16, 2013

Energy Sucking

Are there things sucking the energy out of your life and keeping you from creating? A job, friends, family, the Internet? Dealing with energy suckers is part of being a creative. I have let the energy suckers almost kill my passion for art and photography.

Wether you are a painter, writer, photographer, athlete, musician, teacher, factory worker, etc, it doesn't matter. External pressures and interruptions cause the energy to be sucked right out of you. More importantly, these things can suck the energy out of you right when you are on the verge of doing something about those dreams you have (or had). 

Dealing with the energy suckers is paramount to balancing life with following a dream. If you must go to work (because the dream you are chasing does pay enough yet), find time when you are not at work to do that thing you are passionate about. Treat your time off the regular job, as a job, and carve out time in the day to follow your dreams. Be sure to have down time too, following your dream doesn't mean you have to give up your social life. 

If all of this sounds like common sense, it should. Remember, you will always be were you are at, if you never start taking steps to get where you want to be. Carving out time to follow your dreams will build your energy up to help keep the energy suckers from sucking the life out of your dreams. Eventually, you may stop doing things that used to suck the energy out of you altogether (television is a good example), your daily routine will be reduced to the things that you truly find important and productive. 

The energy will build, and the dream will become reality...the energy suckers will always be there. However, you will have the mindset to continue on the path of following your dreams, and will have the tools to deal with them in order keep moving in the right direction.

Dream big - create - and live your life

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