Monday, August 12, 2013

Slow to Start - Where is the Drive?

Resistance keeps us from doing the things we love. It may be that we are busy, or laziness, procrastination, or just that overwhelming feeling that keeps us from doing the things we love. 

Over the years I have let these things defeat me as an artist. Almost to the point of giving up. Just look at the post dates here on the blog. As a fine artist I have been defeated by the notion of not making enough money to support my family, cover health expenses, and plan for retirement. I make a great deal of money at a "job" that I don't hate, but does get in the way of my productivity.

Today, at this very moment, I am exhausted and frustrated. I am too tired to produce art, and it is frustrating me that I have not been a productive artist in years. Many of you know I have been working as a photographer, blogging for my personal project (The Thirsty Muse), which I enjoy both, and intend to continue. But what does this mean for my art? Is there enough time to be a painter, photographer, writer, teacher, and full time employee while balancing my family life?

The economy may have killed the market, and we may all blame anything to feel better about why we have "given up" on our art...or just ceased to create. The blame lies with us, it is our fault. If we love it, and it makes us happy, then what are waiting for? Who cares if we make a living selling the art, does that make us any less professional than the whore of an artist who creates terrible art but makes a living from it? And let us be honest, our ideas of "making a living" are subjective. In Ohio, I can sell less than someone who lives in New York City to make a living. The 20-something, dirty, sloppy artist willing to live on nothing but sell his art on the street can live on less. If you want $300,000 per year from your art, then make that a goal. However, I suggest you do the art for your soul, not the money.

Don't let resistance kill your drive. Don't let money be the driving force to your artistic career...remember why you picked up a brush and started in the first place. Yes, it is a slow start, but I am sure the drive is still there; it is just buried in the daily crap we all have to deal with.

In the months to come, I hope to get back to sharing my artistic journey on this blog. Between this blog, the Warth Photo blog, and the thirsty muse, I expect to be writing a lot! Feel free to come visit me on my other blogs too. My creativity is all linked, and makes me the artist I am today.

Go have a great day, make the best of it, and produce something!

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